Single-Dom vs Marriage

Marriage is a compulsory part of life, in society. Without it, society would not survive. But, there are people in the society, who choose to enjoy single-dom.
But, in my view, marriage is not a social responsibility, but an optional part of life. It is not compulsory, but a way of living. The responsibility of human towards humanity is to give some output to the world. Like, for some example, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Wright Brothers, Mother Teresa, writer Parijat were unmarried. But they are well remembered for their works in our society.
In contrast, there are advantages of marriage. After marriage, one becomes more disciplined, concerned for the better and secure future. So, I think, we should get married to the people who are understandable, loveful, and helpful towards achieving our goal. So, in a nutshell, if marriage is beneficial, it is good to marry.


Travelling for what!

Travelling for what!

You cannot travel two places at a time. And, may be, there would be many attractive places in the map. Time is valuable. Travelling may cost expensive. So, will you just close your eyes, and go any place that comes in the mind!

Travelling brings many new things in life. It adds refreshment. So, it is not only for the fun. It has meaning in life. So, being in the wrong place may have a big disadvantage as you will be missing many other beneficial works.

Travelling may not have the destiny. Philosopher K defines the destiny as a travelling. So, it is not just the holiday time–past.  It is to utilize the time. May you would choose one better place for other good one. You may not know unless you go there. But, your heart knows better than the map.